Web RLS90-Serial Model

A serial computable model of RLS90.




Initial contribute: 2021-01-15


{{htmlJSON.Style}} SimpleCalculation
{{htmlJSON.Categories}} Human/Society/Economy System Synthetic Models / Earth System Classification
{{htmlJSON.Language}} ZH_CN
{{htmlJSON.Name}} 在线版RLS90计算工具
{{htmlJSON.Keywords}} 道路交通;交通噪声;
{{htmlJSON.Abstract}} 交通噪声暴露模型
{{htmlJSON.Language}} EN_US
{{htmlJSON.Name}} Web RLS90 of Serial
{{htmlJSON.Keywords}} Road Traffic;Traffic Noise
{{htmlJSON.Abstract}} Traffic Noise Model.
{{htmlJSON.Type}} {{htmlJSON.Property}} {{htmlJSON.Value}}
{{htmlJSON.HardwareConfigures}} cpu core numble [2,infinite)
memory size [2GB,infinite)
{{htmlJSON.SoftwareConfigures}} Operating System win 6||win 7||win 8||win 8.1||win 10||win xp
R for Windows 3.5.0 3.5.0


WangXinchang (2021). Web RLS90-Serial Model, Computable Model, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/computableModel/156d887f-7b17-4982-939d-381f49144a7c


Initial contribute : 2021-01-15

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