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contributed at 2019-05-09

MDL Description

Style sim_hydrology
Categories SAGA / Simulation > Hydrology
Language EN_US
Name Soil Moisture Content
Keywords Soil Moisture Content
Abstract The WEELS (Wind Erosion on European Light Soils) soil moisture model dynamically calculates the soil moisture based on the rules proposed by the DVWK (1996) with input data about:- soil properties (grids: field capacity and permanent wilting point)- land use (grid: crop types)- climate (table: daily values of precipitation, temperature, air humidity)References:- DVWK - Deutscher Verband fuer Wasserwirtschaft und Kulturbau e.V. (1996): 'Ermittlung der Verdunstung von Land- und Wasserflaechen', DVWK Merkblaetter 238/1996, Bonn, 135p.- Boehner, J., Schaefer, W., Conrad, O., Gross, J., Ringeler, A. (2001): 'The WEELS Model: methods, results and limits of wind erosion modelling', In: Catena, Special Issue
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Assemblies GDALRasterMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\GDALRasterMapping\
OGRVectorMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\OGRVectorMapping\

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Jie Song (2019). sim hydrology 0-Soil Moisture Content, Computable Model, OpenGMS,

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contributed at 2019-05-09

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