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contributed at 2019-05-09


Style sim_landscape_evolution
Categories SAGA / Simulation > Landscape Evolution
Language EN_US
Name SaLEM
Keywords SaLEM
Abstract This is the implementation of a Soil and Landscape Evolution Model (SaLEM) for the spatiotemporal investigation of soil parent material evolution following a lithologically differentiated approach. The model needs a digital elevation model and (paleo-)climatic data for the simulation of weathering, erosion and transport processes. Weathering is controlled by user defined functions in dependence of climate conditions, local slope, regolith cover and outcropping bedrock lithology. Lithology can be supplied as a set of grids, of which each grid represents the top elevation of the underlying bedrock type.
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Type Property Value
Assemblies GDALRasterMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\GDALRasterMapping\
OGRVectorMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\OGRVectorMapping\

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songjie (2019). sim landscape evolution 0-SaLEM, Computable Model, OpenGMS,

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contributed at 2019-05-09

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