ta morphometry 24-Valley and Ridge Detection Top Hat Approach





Initial contribute: 2019-05-09


{{htmlJSON.Style}} ta_morphometry
{{htmlJSON.Categories}} SAGA / Terrain Analysis > Morphometry
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{{htmlJSON.Name}} Valley and Ridge Detection (Top Hat Approach)
{{htmlJSON.Keywords}} Valley and Ridge Detection (Top Hat Approach)
{{htmlJSON.Abstract}} Calculating fuzzy valley and ridge class memberships using the Top Hat approach. Based on the AML script 'tophat' by Jochen Schmidt, Landcare Research. References:Rodriguez, F., Maire, E., Courjault-Rad'e, P., Darrozes, J. (2002): The Black Top Hat function applied to a DEM: a tool to estimate recent incision in a mountainous watershed. (Estib`ere Watershed, Central Pyrenees). Geophysical Research Letters, 29(6), 9-1 - 9-4.
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null (2019). ta morphometry 24-Valley and Ridge Detection Top Hat Approach, Computable Model, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/computableModel/6b1de694-572c-437d-bbde-acf140be913a


Initial contribute : 2019-05-09

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