ta hydrology 4-Upslope Area





Initial contribute: 2019-05-09


{{htmlJSON.Style}} ta_hydrology
{{htmlJSON.Categories}} SAGA / Terrain Analysis > Hydrology
{{htmlJSON.Language}} EN_US
{{htmlJSON.Name}} Upslope Area
{{htmlJSON.Keywords}} Upslope Area
{{htmlJSON.Abstract}} This tool allows you to specify target cells, for which the upslope contributing area shall be identified. The result will give for each cell the percentage of its flow that reaches the target cell(s)._______This version uses all valid cells (not 'no data' values) of a given target grid to determine the contributing area. In case no target grid is provided as input, the specified x/y coordinates are used as target point.
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{{htmlJSON.Assemblies}} GDALRasterMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\GDALRasterMapping\
OGRVectorMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\OGRVectorMapping\


Jie Song (2019). ta hydrology 4-Upslope Area, Computable Model, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/computableModel/6de8fdea-48f6-4236-b856-57ccdca74cca


Initial contribute : 2019-05-09

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