grid filter 17-Wombling for Multiple Features Edge Detection


Computable Model OpenGMS Model-Service Package


contributed at 2019-05-09


Style grid_filter
Categories SAGA / Grid > Filter
Language EN_US
Name Wombling for Multiple Features (Edge Detection)
Keywords Wombling for Multiple Features (Edge Detection)
Abstract Continuous Wombling for edge detection. Uses magnitude of gradient to detect edges between adjacent cells. Edge segments connect such edges, when the difference of their gradient directions is below given threshold.
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Type Property Value
Assemblies GDALRasterMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\GDALRasterMapping\
OGRVectorMapping.exe $(DataMappingPath)\OGRVectorMapping\

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songjie (2019). grid filter 17-Wombling for Multiple Features Edge Detection, Computable Model, OpenGMS,

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contributed at 2019-05-09

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