In the SEIR model [1], during the course of an epidemics, a node is allowed to change its status from Susceptible (S) to Exposed (E) to Infected (I), then to Removed (R). The model is instantiated on a graph having a non-empty set of infected nodes. SEIR assumes that if, during a generic iteration, a susceptible node comes into contact with an infected one, it becomes infected after an exposition period with probability beta, than it can switch to removed with probability gamma (the only transition allowed are S→E→I→R).




Initial contribute: 2019-05-09


Zhiyi Zhu (2019). Epidemics-SEIR , Computable Model, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/computableModel/fd3b06a2-a55b-4a89-b092-c876d0571b13


Initial contribute : 2019-05-09

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