Glacial landforms

Glacier is a quasi-plastic body, the movement of the glacier contains the internal movement and the bottom of the sliding part of the two, is the erosion, handling, accumulation and shape a variety of glacier landscape power. But it is not the only power to shape the glacier landscape, and cold, snow erosion, avalanche, water and other stress together, only to form a glacier landscape landscape. Widely distributed in Europe, North America and western China plateau mountain. Sub-modern glacier landforms and ancient glaciers. The former is limited to about 10% of the land area of modern glacier distribution area; the latter mainly refers to the Quaternary glaciers (the largest coverage of land area of 32%) shape. Glacier landform is a sign of identifying the extent and nature of glaciers, and is of great significance to the study of paleogeography and paleoclimatic environment. Because the engineering geological characteristics of the moraines are different from other sediments, it is of great practical significance to study glacier sedimentary landforms.



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芦宇辰 (2017). Glacial landforms, Conceptual Model, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2017-08-03

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