Global Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric circulation, generally refers to a world-scale, large-scale atmospheric operation phenomenon, both the average state, including instantaneous phenomena, the level of scale in the thousands of kilometers above the vertical scale of 10km or more, the time scale in a few days. The state of the atmosphere. (Eg, the Eurasian region, the hemisphere, the global), the atmospheric movement of a certain atmosphere (such as the troposphere, the stratosphere, the middle, the whole atmosphere) in a long period (month, quarter, year, year) Of the average state or a certain period of time (such as a week, during the rain) of the atmospheric movement of the process of change can be called the atmospheric circulation.



Initial contribute: 2017-08-05




芦宇辰 (2017). Global Atmospheric Circulation, Conceptual Model, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2017-08-05

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