A steady-state Gaussian dispersion model designed to determine air pollution concentrations at receptor locations downwind of highways located in relatively uncomplicated terrain. CALINE3 is incorporated into the more refined CAL3QHC and CAL3QHCR models.

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contributed at 2019-10-14


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Quoted from: Benson, P. and Baishiki, R., 1980. CALINE3-a versatile dispersion model for predicting air pollutant levels near highways and arterial streets. Model-simulation (No. PB-80-220833). California State Dept. of Transportation, Sacramento (USA). Transportation Lab.. 

CALINE3 is a third generation line source air quality model developed by the California Department of Transportation. It is based on the Gaussian diffusion equation and employs a mixing zone concept to characterize pollutant dispersion over the roadway. The purpose of the model is to assess air quality impacts near transportation facilities in what is known as the microscale region. Given source strength, meteorology, site geometry, and site characteristics, the model can reliably predict carbon monoxide concentrations for receptors located within 150 meters of the roadway. The model has adjustments for averaging time and surface roughness, and can handle up to 20 links and 20 receptors. It also contains an algorithm for deposition and settling velocity so that particulate concentrations can be predicted.

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