CMB (Chemical Mass Balance)

The EPA-CMB Version 8.2 uses source profiles and speciated ambient data to quantify source contributions. Contributions are quantified from chemically distinct source-types rather than from individual emitters. Sources with similiar chemical and physical properties cannot be distinguished from each other by CMB.



Initial contribute: 2019-10-14


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The Chemical Mass Balance (CMB) Model EPA-CMB v8.2 is one of several receptor models that has been applied to air quality problems over the last two decades. Based on an effective-variance least squares method (EVLS), EPA has supported CMB as a regulatory planning tool through its approval of numerous State Implementation Plans (SIPs) which have a source apportionment component. CMB requires speciated profiles of potentially contributing sources and the corresponding ambient data from analyzed samples collected at a single receptor site. CMB is ideal for localized nonattainment problems and has proven to be a useful tool in applications where steady-state Gaussian plume models are inappropriate, as well as for confirming or adjusting emissions inventories.

Chemical Mass Balance Model EPA-CMB8.2
Windows-based EPA-CMB8.2 represents the latest advancement in the CMB series and replaces CMB7. EPA-CMB8.2 has been subjected to peer review and is available for regulatory applications.

Model Code
README (PDF)(1 pg, 21 K, 2005)
README - Supplemental (PDF)(1 pg, 79 K, 2016)
Executable (ZIP)(1.1 M)
Source Code (ZIP)(4.3 M)

Model Documentation
Users Manual (PDF)(123 pp, 874 K, 2004)
CMB Protocol (PDF)(173 pp, 766 K, 2004)
Peer Review (PDF)(52 pp, 286 K, 2005)
Response to Peer Review (PDF)(6 pp, 63 K, 2005)
Model Change Bulletin (TXT)(2 K, 2005)
Presentation with Demo (PPT)(45 pp, 2.2 M) (A&WMA's 98th Annual Conference, 23 June 2005; Minneapolis, MN)

Evaluation Data Sets
Other Data Sets Formatted for CMB Input:


US Environmental Protection Agency (2019). CMB (Chemical Mass Balance), Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2019-10-14



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