1-D numerical model of permafrost and subsidence processes. This model a 1-D numerical model of permafrost and subsidence processes. It aims to investigate the subsurface thermal impact of thaw lakes of various depths, and to evaluate how this impact might change in a warming climate.

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Initial contribute: 2021-09-15


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The final 1D model integrates the lake–ice component and the permafrost component; the subsidence component permits the lake to deepen through time. Surface temperature is given an annual sinusoidal cycle. Lake water/ice state and temperature are calculated as described above, and the bottom lake cell serves as the upper temperature boundary condition for the underlying permafrost model. After the temperature of each permafrost cell is calculated using the permafrost model, any subsidence is calculated for that time step. Subsidence occurs as described above, except that no subaerial cells are formed; these cells instead become additional lake cells. In subsequent time steps, lake temperature calculations include these cells.

Quoted from : Modeling the subsurface thermal impact of Arctic thaw lakes in a warming climate



Nora Matell, Irina Overeem (2021). ThawLake1D, Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-09-15



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