MM5 (The PSU/NCAR mesoscale model, version 5)

The PSU/NCAR mesoscale model (known as MM5) is a limited-area, nonhydrostatic, terrain-following sigma-coordinate model designed to simulate or predict mesoscale atmospheric circulation. The model is supported by several pre- and post-processing programs, which are referred to collectively as the MM5 modeling system. The MM5 modeling system software is mostly written in Fortran, and has been developed at Penn State and NCAR as a community mesoscale model with contributions from users worldwide.

mesoscale atmospheric circulation



Initial contribute: 2019-07-07


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On October 31, 2008, mesouser e-mail support for the MM5 model has been discontinued.

The last major MM5 release (3.7) was December 2004, with the last bug fix release Oct 2006. At this point NCAR stopped developing the MM5 model and the code was frozen. NCAR stopped providing tutorials for MM5 in January 2005.

Users that still need to ask questions about the MM5 model are encouraged to send emails to the MM5 Users list, where other users may respond:

We will continue to provide the Web pages and an extensive online MM5 tutorial (, both of which have also been frozen.

Users are strongly encouraged to move to our new model - Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF). The WRF modeling system now has all the capabilities that MM5 system had, and is fully supported by NCAR, including online tutorials and documentation.
An overview of this model is available from,
Details’ regarding this model is available from two Users pages.
WRF-ARW model code:
WRF-NMM model core:



MM5 (2019). MM5 (The PSU/NCAR mesoscale model, version 5), Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2019-07-07



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