Calliope-Italy is a model of the Italian energy system adopting a double spatial scale: renewable and heat generation is modelled across 20 regions based on region-specific weather conditions and potentials, whilst dispatchable capacity and transmission bottlenecks are grouped by the 6 bidding zones of the Italian electricity market.

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Initial contribute: 2019-10-18


Politecnico di Milano, SESAM Group
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Calliope-based 20-region representation of the Italian electric energy system, including both current and 2050 technological options. The model also features the possibility to generate spatially-explicit practically-optimal results (SPORES).

The model is built on the Python-based open-source energy modelling framework Calliope, version 0.6.4.

To run the model, it is recommended to follow the instructions for installing Calliope.

All input data are and model specification are in the Model folder. In particular, timeseries data are in the 'timeseries_data' sub-folder, whilst location and tech specifications are the 'model_config' sub-folder.

To run the model over a week of data for testing:

  • select the 'subset_time' of interest in the model.yaml file
  • run the file

Please notice that all timeseries are indexed to 2015 for convention (this was the year originally used to test the model against TSO data), but the actual weather year is 2016 in the reference scenario - and any year in the range 1981-2016 can be selected from the folder "paper_scenarios/full_list_of_weather_years". Further details are provided in "paper_scenarios/".



Francesco Lombardi (2019). Calliope-Italy, Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2019-10-18



Politecnico di Milano, SESAM Group
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