Panache is an Eulerian (and Lagrangian for particulate matter), 3-dimensional finite volume fluid mechanics model designed to simulate continuous and short-term pollutant dispersion in the atmosphere, in simple or complex terrain.

3-dimensionalfinite volumepollutant dispersion



Initial contribute: 2019-10-14


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 Fluidyn PANACHE is a software family dedicated to the simulation of atmospheric pollutant dispersion and air quality prediction. Based entirely on a 3D-CFD approach (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the modeling tools can predict with high accuracy the gas/particle dispersion  both in the near field and far field.

Among all the features, Fluidyn-PANACHE takes into account the effects of buildings, complex topography,  land covers, weather conditions, atmospheric boundary layer, transient and chronic emission (gas, particles, dense gas, fire products, 2 phases releases…).

Fluidyn-PANACHE modules have been designed for engineers without expertise in Fluid Dynamics or numerical simulation while still allowing them to benefit of the state-of-the-art technology in CFD modelling. Solvers are fully integrated with user-friendly interface for pre processing phases (numerical model construction, source term definition, meshing…) and post processing phases (results analysis) .





Initial contribute : 2019-10-14



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