A European road transport emission inventory model.




Initial contribute: 2021-12-15


European Environment Agency
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COPERT is an MS Windows software program aiming at the calculation of air pollutant emissions from road transport. The technical development of COPERT is financed by the European Environment Agency, in the framework of the activities of the European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change. Since 2007, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre has been coordinating the further scientific development of the model. In principle, COPERT has been developed for use from the National Experts to estimate emissions from road transport to be included in official annual national inventories. The COPERT methodology is also part of the EMEP/CORINAIR Emission Inventory Guidebook. The Guidebook, developed by the UNECE Task Force on Emissions Inventories and Projections, is intended to support reporting under the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution and the EU directive on national emission limits. The COPERT methodology is fully consistent with the Road Transport chapter of the Guidebook. The use of a software tool to calculate road transport emissions allows for a transparent and standardized, hence consistent and comparable data collecting and emissions reporting procedure, in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and protocols and EU legislation.





Initial contribute : 2021-12-15



European Environment Agency
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