Evolves gravel-bed river long profiles. Computes transient (semi-implicit numerical) and steady-state (analytical and numerical) solutions for the long-profile evolution of transport-limited gravel-bed rivers. Such rivers are assumed to have an equilibrium width (following Parker, 1978), experience flow resistance that is proportional to grain size, evolve primarily in response to a single dominant "channel-forming" or "geomorphically-effective" discharge (see Blom et al., 2017, for a recent study and justification of this assumption and how it can be applied), and transport gravel following the Meyer-Peter and Müller (1948) equation. This combination of variables results in a stream-power-like relationship for bed-material sediment discharge, which is then inserted into a valley-resolving Exner equation to compute long-profile evolution.

alluvial-channel evolutionlong profilegravel-bed rivers


Gravel River Long Profile



Initial contribute: 2021-09-14


University of Minnesota
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Application-focused categoriesIntegrated-perspectiveGlobal scale



Andrew Wickert (2021). GRLP, Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-09-14



University of Minnesota
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