Switch is a capacity-planning model for power systems with large shares of renewable energy, storage and/or demand response.




Initial contribute: 2019-10-21


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Quoted from: http://switch-model.org/ 

You can find documentation and downloads for the Switch power system planning model at the following locations:

  • Our open-access paper on Switch 2.0 in SoftwareX gives an overview of Switch, and the accompanying Supplementary material gives a complete mathematical description of the model.
  • The switch repository: https://github.com/switch-model/switch. This contains the generic Switch model, which can be used to create models for new power systems. It also contains data and configuration files for a number of example models to help you get started. This repository contains some general documentation for modeling with Switch, which will be helpful if you need to customize any Switch-based models. Scroll down to the "README" document on the first page to get started.
  • A recently completed Switch tutorial: See the pre-tutorial instructions for information on installing Switch and setting up for the tutorial. See the tutorial itself to get a fast-paced, hands-on introduction to using and customizing Switch.
  • The Switch-Hawaii site: https://github.com/switch-hawaii/. This contains data and model configuration files for the Switch-Hawaii model. Most users will want to use the "main" repository, which is the version of the model used for most studies by Matthias Fripp at the University of Hawaii. This fairly closely matches the data included in Hawaiian Electric's Power Supply Improvement Plans. This repository includes instructions for downloading and installing the Switch-Hawaii data along with a matching version of the main Switch model. Scroll down to the "readme.txt" file on the first page of the "main" repository to get started.

Please send a message to the Switch Model Google group (switch-model@googlegroups.com or https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/switch-model) or contact Matthias Fripp at mfripp@hawaii.edu if you have questions or need help installing and running Switch.



Switch Model Group (2019). Switch , Model Item, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/modelItem/6a923c93-a185-4f46-a380-62d9b9a8440f


Initial contribute : 2019-10-21



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