HiPIMS (High-Performance Integrated hydrodynamic Modelling System)

It uses numerical schemes (Godunov-type finite volume) to solve the 2D shallow water equations for flood simulations. To support high-resolution flood simulations, HiPIMS is implemented on multiple GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) using CUDA/C++ languages to achieve high-performance computing.

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Initial contribute: 2021-12-25


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Quoted from: https://research.ncl.ac.uk/vcurbanflood/exploreourproject/hydraulicmodelling/ 

The high-performance integrated modelling system (HiPIMS) has been developed for the high-resolution simulation of flood hydrodynamics in cities and catchments. The model solves the 2D shallow water equations using robust finite volume shock-capturing numerical methods and is capable of modelling different types of flood wave ranging from slow-varying inundations to extreme and violent floods (Liang et al. 2017; Xia et al. 2017; Xia et al. 2019). The model has also been implemented in modern graphics processing units (GPUs) to achieve high-performance computing and is able to support real-time flood forecasting in large domains involving hundreds of millions of computational cells (Ming et al. 2020). Through international research projects and collaborations, HiPIMS has been widely applied in UK, China, Japan and a number of South/Southeast Asian countries, including Nepal, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Application of 2D hydraulic models for real‐time surface water flooding is not usually applied within operational systems due to high computational demands. Using modern high-performance computing technology, HiPIMS demonstrates the promise of achieving real-time flood modelling at the city scale (Ming et al, 2020).

The application of the HiPIMS model requires the following data sets:

  • A high-resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM): A 12.5 m DEM was obtained from Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS), which was interpolated to a 2.5m resolution for use in this study. There are 30 million pixels within the domain, 30.38km2.
  • Buildings are reinserted onto bare earth terrain data to develop the final DEM. The building height is set as the product of the building layers and each layer height. The inner rivers are also burned in the earth terrain data using in a similar way. The rivers are assumed to be -5 m lower than the surface in the developed DEM, based on field surveys.
  • Roughness coefficient:  Each pixel was assigned a Manning coefficient of 0.035, the value was selected on the basis of previous modelling experience.
  • Rainfall data: Local hourly rainfall data were obtained and a number of storms for given return periods were generated using the RAINSIM stochastic model.

To represent the storm sewer drainage losses, an infiltration loss is assigned to the roads. A value of 13.2 mm/hr was specified, with the losses from the roads placed in the adjacent inner rivers. This is approach is commonly used in hydraulic modelling, but Qian et al. (2020) extend HiPIMS using a novel numerical scheme to calculate flow dynamics in pipes, which could be utilised as future work.



HiPIMS team (2021). HiPIMS (High-Performance Integrated hydrodynamic Modelling System), Model Item, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/modelItem/7f1fe726-21d8-4b26-b3a7-0e4e96af4b62


Initial contribute : 2021-12-25



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