CAM6-Chem (CAM version 6 - Chemistry Model)

Community Atmosphere Model 6.0 with Chemistry.

Community Atmosphere ModelChemistry



Initial contribute: 2021-02-05


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CAM-chem tested compsets in CESM2.0 (CAM-chem scientifically supported compsets will be available in CESM2.1)

CAM-chem has a number of compsets/resolutions which are tested in CESM2.0, see Table. All available compsets use observed SSTs and sea-ice values and CMIP6 emissions until 2015. Specified dynamics compsets are nudged to winds, temperature and surface fluxes and run on 56 levels, aligned with the MERRA2 vertical levels. Additional SD configurations are tested to run with 32 levels that are not availble at this point. Half-degree SD compsets use 1-degree emissions. Users have to change to half-degree emissions if desired.

Compset Name tested resolution Description Period
FCHIST f09_f09_mg17 Historical CAM6-chem using 1 degree FV dycore, using CMIP6 emissions, coupled to interactive land and MEGAN2.1 1979 to 2015
FCSD f09_f09_mg17 Historical CAM6-chem 1deg compset using MERRA2 analsysis with a 50-hour relaxation. See details in the text 1980 to 2015
FCSD f05_f05_mg17 Historical CAM6-chem half deg compset using MERRA2 analysis 1980 to 2015
FC2010climo f09_f09_mg17 Climatological CAM6-chem using 1 degree FV dycore, averaged SSTs, emissions, and lower boundary conditions (2005-2015) 2010



CAM-chem team (2021). CAM6-Chem (CAM version 6 - Chemistry Model), Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-02-05



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