a 3-D diagnostic model for continental shelf circulation studies

continental shelf circulationhydrodynamics



Initial contribute: 2021-09-07


Dartmouth College
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  FUNDY5 is a FORTRAN 77 implementation of a finite element solution of the 3-D shallow water equations as described in Lynch and Werner (1987) and Lynch et al (1992) (herein, LW87 and LWGL92). The model is limited to the linearized equations, with an externally specified density field. The SI (MKS) system of units is used. Solution is obtained in the frequency domain for the complex amplitudes of the fluid velocity and sea surface elevation. The model is forced by tidal or other barotropic boundary conditions, wind, and/or fixed baroclinic pressure gradient, all acting at a single frequency (including zero) and specified by the user. Eddy viscosity closure is used in the vertical, with a linearized partial-slip condition enforced at the bottom, The spatial distribution of viscosity and bottom stress coefficient is arbitrary and at the discretion of the user. The primary use of FUNDY5 is for preliminary tidal and diagnostic seasonal (steady-state) computations, as a prelude to more complete nonlinear and/or prognostic computations. The governing equations and numerical method are detailed in Appendix A. Standard data file conventions are detailed in Appendix B.



Christopher Naimie (2021). FUNDY, Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-09-07



Dartmouth College
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