PLASM (Prickett Lonnquist Aquifer Simulation Model)

PLASM (Prickett Lonnquist Aquifer Simulation Model) is a finite difference model for simulation of transient, two-dimensional or quasi-three-dimensional flow in a single or multi-layered, heterogeneous, anisotropic aquifer system.

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Initial contribute: 2020-01-08


Illinois State Water Survey
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Quoted fromWurbs, Ralph A. Computer models for water-resources planning and management: National study of water management during drought. Diane Publishing, 1997. 

      PLASM.- The Prickett-Lonnquist Aquifer Simulation Model (PLASM) was one of the first readily available,well-documented groundwater flow models. The original model developed by the Illinois State Water Survey (Prickett and Lonnquist 1971) has been updated toa user-friendly format for execution on IBM-compatible microcomputers. Several versions and extensions of the original PLASM are available including the RANDOM WALK and GWFL3Dmodels (Walton 1989) discussed later. A discussion of PLASM is included in Anderson and Woessner (1992).

      PLASM provides capabilities for simulating two-dimensional unsteady flow in heterogeneous anisotropic aquifers under water table, nonleaky, and leaky artesian conditions. The model allows representation of time varying pumpage from wells,natural or artificial recharge rates, the relationships of water exchange between surface waters and the ground water reservoir, the process of ground water evapotranspiration, and the mechanism of converting from artesian to water table conditions. PLASM incorporates an iterative alternating direction implicit finite difference solution of the equations of ground water flow.



Prickett and Lonnquist (2020). PLASM (Prickett Lonnquist Aquifer Simulation Model), Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2020-01-08



Illinois State Water Survey
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