Subside(Flexure model)

Predicted lithospheric deflection due to sediment loading of the Mississippi delta complex using the Sedflux flexure model.

Turbidity currentsFlexurebasin uplift or subside



Initial contribute: 2021-09-08


CSDMS, INSTAAR, University of Colorado
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Sedflux 2.0 is the newest version of the Sedflux basin-filling model. Sedflux 2.0 provides a framework within which individual process-response models of disparate time and space resolutions communicate with one another to deliver multigrain-sized sediment load across a continental margin. Version 2.0 introduces a series of new process models, and the ability to operate in one of two modes to track the evolution of stratigraphy in either two or three dimensions. Additions to the 2D mode include the addition of models that simulate (1) erosion and deposition of sediment along a riverbed, (2) cross-shore transport due to ocean waves, and (3) turbidity currents and hyperpycnal flows. New processes in the 3D mode include (1) river channel avulsion, (2) two-dimensional diffusion due to ocean storms, and (3) two-dimensional flexure due to sediment loading. The spatial resolution of the architecture is typically 1–25 cm in the vertical and 10–100 m in the horizontal when operating in 2D mode. In 3D mode, the horizontal resolution usually extends to kilometers. In addition to fixed time steps (from days to hundreds of years), Sedflux 2.0 offers event-based time stepping as a way to conduct long-term simulations while still modeling low-frequency but high-energy events. r 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



Eric Hutton (2021). Subside(Flexure model), Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-09-08



CSDMS, INSTAAR, University of Colorado
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