A simple parallel code to demonstrate diffusion. Finite difference approximations are great for modeling the erosion of landscapes. A paper by Densmore, Ellis, and Anderson provides details on application of landscape evolution models to the Basin and Range (USA) using complex rulesets that include landslides, tectonic displacements, and physically-based algorithms for hillslope sediment transport and fluvial transport. The solution given here is greatly simplified, only including the 1D approximation of the diffusion equation. The parallel development of the code is meant to be used as a class exercise.

landscape evolution



Initial contribute: 2021-09-08


University of South Florida
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ZSCAPE  is  a  three-dimensional  numerical  model  that  acts on a finite-difference grid [Ellis et al., 1995]. We use a 100-m spacing between grid points as a compromise between spatial resolution and computation time. This is comparable to the resolution of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 3-arcsec digital elevation models (DEMs), and we test our numerical landscapes against those digital data. The model processes can be divided into two distinct groups: a tectonic rule set, which generates a bedrock displacement field, and a geomorphic rule set, which attacks the resulting bedrock topography and rearranges mass at the surface.

ZSCAPE is useful in predicting the geomorphic evolution of specific sites. Accurate, high-resolution DEM data will serve as the template on which geomorphic and tectonic processes act; ZSCAPE is then ideally suited to monitor the evolution of topography, as well as landslide location and size, erosion rates, and sediment fluxes. Such simulations will provide an independent, long-term check on historically measured parameters such as catchment sediment fluxes, and may help to determine whether modern process rate measurements agree with long-term equilibria.

Quoted from: Landsliding and the evolution of normal-fault-bounded mountains. 



Chuck Connor, Laura Connor (2021). Zscape, Model Item, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/modelItem/d25705f9-eea9-4ae8-a216-c3f99dfa9fca


Initial contribute : 2021-09-08



University of South Florida
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