A model of dunes and snow-waves

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Initial contribute: 2021-09-06


University of Colorado Boulder
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  When wind blows over dry snow, it creates shapes known as snow bedforms. These features, which include snow dunes, waves, snow-steps and sastrugi (Fig. 1), ornament Antarctica, Arctic sea ice, tundra, and mountain ridges (Filhol & Sturm, 2015; Kobayashi, 1980; Kochanski, Anderson, & Tucker, 2018). They change the reflectivity and average thermal conductivity of snow, and may change the patterns of snow accumulation and transport. Despite these effects, however, snow bedforms are poorly understood and not yet included in major snow or climate models.

Figure 1. Snow bedforms on Niwot Ridge, Colorado. From left to right, small dunes and sastrugi (looking upwind), snow dunes (looking downwind), snow-waves (looking upwind)

  Rescal-snow is able to simulate:

  1. Snow/sand grain erosion and deposition by wind
  2. Snowfall
  3. Time-dependent cohesion (snow sintering)
  4. Avalanches of loose grains

  Rescal-snow is also designed for robust, reproducible science, and contains tools for high-performance computing, data management, and data analysis, including:

  1. Workflow tools for generating and running many simulations in parallel
  2. A python-based workflow that manages data and analysis at runtime



Kelly Kochanski (2021). Rescal-snow , Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-09-06



University of Colorado Boulder
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