Meander Centerline Migration Model

Simulation of the long-term migration of meandering rivers flowing above heterogeneous floodplains

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Initial contribute: 2021-09-16


University of Padova
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The model simulates the long-term evolution of meandering rivers above heterogeneous floodplain surfaces, i.e. floodplains that have been reworked by the river itself through the formation of oxbow lakes and point bars.

Recently, Camporeale et al. [20052008], comparing the results of different numerical models suggested that cutoffs not only provide a statistical equilibrium to meandering rivers, limiting the growth of sinuosity [Stolum, 1996], but also exert a filtering action, preventing several fluid dynamics mechanisms that are important in the short term from exerting a significant role in the long-term meandering dynamics. In particular, the reduction of planform complexity (generated by meander elongation through bend erosion) was associated with the tendency of cutoffs to remove older meanders. Camporeale et al. [2005] also suggested that the overall complexity of the equilibrium state becomes essentially regulated by only one spatial scale, namely a length of purely hydrodynamic origin, emerging from the simplified hydrodynamic model of Ikeda et al. [1981], as first recognized by Parker and Johanneson [1989] and subsequently reconsidered by Edwards and Smith [2002].



Manuel Bogoni (2021). Meander Centerline Migration Model, Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2021-09-16



University of Padova
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