Euro-Calliope is a model of the European power system that can be built as a version resolved to individual countries or to 497 first-level administrative subdivisions, with hourly generation and demand data.

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Initial contribute: 2019-10-18


IASS Potsdam
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euro-calliope models the European electricity system with each location representing an administrative unit. It can be built on three spatial resolutions: on the continental level as a single location, on the national level with 34 locations, and on the regional level with 497 locations. On each node, renewable generation capacities (wind, solar, bioenergy) and balancing capacities (battery, hydrogen) can be built. In addition, hydro electricity and pumped hydro storage capacities can be built up to the extent to which they exist today. All capacities are used to satisfy electricity demand on all locations which is based on historic data. Locations are connected through transmission lines of unrestricted capacity. Using Calliope, the model is formulated as a linear optimisation problem with total monetary cost of all capacities as the minimisation objective. All elements of euro-calliope can be manipulated either by changing the configuration in config/default.yaml or by manipulating the build workflow before building the model.



Tim Tröndle (2019). Euro-Calliope, Model Item, OpenGMS,


Initial contribute : 2019-10-18



IASS Potsdam
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