TAUDEM - D8 Contributing Area

Calculates a grid of contributing areas using the single direction D8 flow model.

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Initial contribute: 2020-12-16


UtahState University
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Quoted From : https://baike.baidu.com/item/D8%E7%AE%97%E6%B3%95/4430916?fr=aladdin

    The contribution of each grid cell is taken as one (or when the optional weight grid is used, the value from the weight grid). The contributing area for each grid cell is taken as its own contribution plus the contribution from upslope neighbors that drain in to it according to the D8 flow model.

    If the optional outlet point shapefile is used, only the outlet cells and the cells upslope (by the D8 flow model) of them are in the domain to be evaluated.

    By default, the tool checks for edge contamination. This is defined as the possibility that a contributing area value may be underestimated due to grid cells outside of the domain not being counted. This occurs when drainage is inwards from the boundaries or areas with no data values for elevation. The algorithm recognizes this and reports "no data" for the contributing area. It is common to see streaks of "no data" values extending inwards from boundaries along flow paths that enter the domain at a boundary. This is the desired effect and indicates that contributing area for these grid cells is unknown due to it being dependent on terrain outside of the domain of data available. Edge contamination checking may be turned off in cases where you know this is not an issue or want to ignore these problems, if for example, the DEM has been clipped along a watershed outline.



David Tarboton (2020). TAUDEM - D8 Contributing Area, Model Item, OpenGMS, https://geomodeling.njnu.edu.cn/modelItem/e5609b57-2d8d-48d8-932a-11b059bda699


Initial contribute : 2020-12-16



UtahState University
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